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Frequently asked questions

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    • What is the monthly allowed usage for the free tier?

      You can send up to 10 PDF files for conversion each month. The free tier is designed for small businesses and individuals who don't need to convert a lot of documents, but want to try the application.

    • Does PDF Import tool handle other files types beside PDF?

      Well no, but in the future we plan to add support for other file types and increase the number of uploads allowed for the free tier.

    • Do you offer discounts?

      We offer discounts to organizations willing to provide feedback and help us improve the plugin. Contact us.

    • Something doesn't look right about my upload in Atlassian, what should I do?

      Contact us! We are looking for partners to help us improve the plugin and we need feedback. We are happy to partner with your organization on fixing any issues you have.

    • How many files can I upload at once?

      At present, you can only upload one file at a time, but this is something we are working on.

    • How do I submit a help ticket?

      Feel free to email us at support@orangeinfusion.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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