Service Level Agreement

Orange Infusion Service Level Agreement

Effective Starting: January 29, 2024.

Version 1.0

Orange Infusion, LLC (hereinafter referred to as “OI”) is committed to providing individuals and entities with support through OI’s support desk. OI’s support desk may be accessed at

Service Level Commitment. During the Subscription Term which OI has agreed to provide a relevant product to you, we will respond to your support request within no more than 24 business hours from the time of your initial request.  OI will use reasonable efforts to provide support to you in accordance with this Service Level Agreement. OI shall not be responsible for any delays caused by the customer for reasons beyond OI’s control.

Business Hours and Response Time

OI's business hours are from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Central Standard Time (GMT-5) Monday through Friday. All requests are answered within 24 business hours; excluding Federal holidays.

Support Offered

You may request support through or by emailing OI at  OI’s support shall include the following: assistance with configuring our products, assistance with resolving problems with our products, and assistance with issues arising out of upgrading our products. All OI support shall be constrained to supporting OI’s product(s).

OI is unable to provide support with product training, non-OI applications, issues with Confluence not directly related to our Products, Confluence versions no longer supported by our Products, configurations that are not supported by Confluence that our Products are installed on, beta/development releases, any language other than English. Further OI is unable to provide support for invalid and/or inactive subscriptions.

Exclusions. You will not be entitled to support if you are in breach of OI’s EULA Terms. OI’s support commitment will not include unavailability to the extent due to: (a) use of OI’s products in a manner not authorized in the EULA Terms or not in accordance with the applicable Documentation; (b) force majeure events or other factors outside of our reasonable control, including, without limitation Internet access or related problems; (c) your equipment, software, network connections or other infrastructure.


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