Privacy Policy

Orange Infusion Privacy Policy

Effective Starting: January 29, 2024.

Version 1.0



Orange Infusion, LLC (hereinafter referred to as “OI”) is committed to providing individuals and entities with the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding the data it collects, and how that data is used. The following represents the Privacy Policy for those who pay for and correctly download the PDF IMPORT PLUGIN APPLICATION.

By purchasing and correctly downloading the PDF IMPORT PLUGIN APPLICATION, you acknowledge that you have reviewed this Privacy Policy Notice and agreed to be bound by the terms of this Notice. If you do not agree or accept this Privacy Policy Notice than the download of the PDF IMPORT PLUGIN APPLICATION is prohibited.

OI must collect certain data from you to make sure that the PDF IMPORT PLUGIN APPLICATION functions, is secure and, to the limited  extent necessary, is properly configured, and current. This date that is collected by OI is used to allow the use and download of the MULTI FILE-IMPORT TOOL APPLICATION. This data that is collected will not be sold, leased, or otherwise distributed to any other party, entity or individual. OI may use the information received from you to inform you about its products, services, updates, and general information.

All data collect from you by OI may be used by OI for the purpose of improving the services and products of OI, customizing OI’s  products to fit individual needs and requests, and to help us at OI to  format our website, applications, advertising and marketing.

When you purchase the PDF IMPORT PLUGIN APPLICATION directly from OI or an authorized re seller, OI will receive your billing information, which may include your payment information, billing address and other information necessary to process your payment, the exact contents of which may vary depending on your form of payment. This information may be sent to OI via the ATLASSIAN SALES APPLICATION, or any other similar Atlassian application. Please see the specific Privacy Policy of the  ATLASSIAN SALES API, to see how it safeguards and treats this information at

All of your information that is stored and in the possession of OI about you may be requested and if you believe any information is in error, incomplete or otherwise deficient, please contact OI.  OI’s email address is set forth at the end of this notice.

Information that is received by third parties is not made available to OI, so OI will not have any information stored on your server, the Confluence or JIRA server, as such is not made available to OI.  The PDF IMPORT PLUGIN APPLICATION does not transmit any data from your server, your Confluence or JIRA server or to any other person or entity, except as already stated above. Further OI and the Atlassian Cloud, OI server or Data Center Applications do not track or store data from customer interactions.

OI does not store any of your content specific data  on OI’s server or any other server.  All data received by OI is actual “live” data received from your Confluence or JIRA cloud instance.

OI reserves the right to amend, in part or in its entirety, any part of this policy as is necessary to help ensure your privacy, and to comply with any local, federal, national  or international ordinance or guideline.

Please feel free to contact OI at the following email address:

Orange Infusion, LLC Date: 01/29/2024